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Cloud Storage & Data Services

The new enterprise landscape

60 percent of IT within enterprises will be on cloud in four years.

Cloud computing has seen accelerated growth and adoption in businesses delivering transformed IT to enterprises while optimizing operations and IT investments. Cloud adoption, if done right, can transform your business. Research shows that up to 60 percent of IT workloads in an enterprise will move to the cloud and operate out of the cloud over the next four years. Are you leading this change or being left behind?

Cloud: Challenges and opportunities

By adopting cloud with a full perspective of your enterprise needs, you can rise above the challenges it solves, and create opportunities that help deliver rapid progress and accelerated growth to your business. Cloud impacts every aspect of your business; be it technology, operations or business functions.

Challenges solved

  • IT simplification
  • Improve speed of solution delivery
  • Optimize cost of IT
  • Improve real-time analytics and decision making
  • Lower cost structure
  • Business functions
  • Achieve department goals and metrics


  • Enable business to innovate
  • Leverage data and information as a strategic asset
  • Grow topline revenue (new markets and new product launches)
  • Increase business agility
  • Business functions
  • Contribute to corporate sales growth
  • Drive departmental and business efficiencies through cost savings and more effective management

As business technology continues to evolve, the volume of information available to businesses continues to grow exponentially. Across all industries, more information needs to be stored, managed, and used by the business to drive future decisions. Main drivers for this information explosion include: Compliance - the requirement for legal and regulatory needs to store key information; Business Value - the more a business knows about its markets, customers, competition, and overall business climate the better decisions they can make for the future; Customer Satisfaction - as business technology has increased, so too has consumer technology. Customers in all markets are becoming increasing techno savvy, and demanding more from the businesses that serve them.

A comprehensive approach to storage and data

i-WoxMart Global Technology Services offers services that can help you address storage and data needs from end to end, including assessment, planning, design, implementation and management.

The services include:

i-WoxMart Storage Optimisation and Integration Services - helping you reduce complexity, optimise performance and manage growth by creating a cost-effective, scalable and resilient storage infrastructure

i-WoxMart Information Lifecycle Management Services - helping you enable decision making by developing and executing best practices for managing information from creation through disposal - on a cost-effective IT infrastructure

i-WoxMart Data Mobility Services - helping clients protect and secure data, while optimizing the access, availability and reuse of data to support the evolving needs of applications supporting the enterprise

i-WoxMart Storage and Data Product Services - helping you mitigate project risk and increase product value by providing assistance with planning and implementation of storage- and data-related hardware and software products or migration of data to new environments

i-WoxMart Storage and Data Managed Services - helping you leverage the expertise, scale and pre-integrated, standard capabilities of a world-class service provider that can manage the storage environment on your behalf